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How much notice do you need?

We require at least a two week notice.

What do you sell?

We sell everything.

Where is the auction held?

The auction is held on site.

What happens if I do not have enough items to sell?

We will combine auctions if there are not enough items in one.

Do you take cash only for payment or do you accept Credit Cards or Personal Checks?

We take cash and/or check with up to date information and a phone number.

What happens at an auction?

For those who have never been to an auction here’s what happens:

When you arrive at the auction will be asked to stop by the registration desk and sign up to be issued a bidder number. You should arrive early as most auctions will have a designated preview time – normally 1 hour prior to the actual auction. Use this time to inspect all items that you plan to bid on – because everything is sold AS IS, WHERE IS.

When the auction begins you should be alert so that you know when your item is offered – when that item comes up for auction you will hold your bid card high in the air to indicate that you wish to advance the bid. Don’t be shy – we don’t want to miss your bid because we can’t see your card. When you are finished bidding on all your new treasures you should proceed to the registration desk where your friendly cashier will total your purchases, process your payment and provide you an itemized receipt. If you are tax exempt, you must complete a blanket certificate of exemption with your tax exempt number.

So that’s all there is to it….auctions are great fun and you can find some great bargains as well. SEE YOU AT THE AUCTION!